Jinx - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Dirty Dice front man Jinx has recently hit the Brisbane music scene. 

Hailing from the icy depths of the nations capital and spending 13 years playing in the Sydney scene, he’s now making his mark in Queensland. 

A guitar player & vocalist, Jinx has played in numerous bands over the years including Mayhem, The Milkmans Son, Skullpuppies & Barkode. 

He’s a dynamic, charismatic & energetic lead singer. From start to finish, there is no stopping him. 

Described by some as impossible to photograph live because he just can’t stay still, Jinx doesn’t ask for attention he DEMANDS it! 

Jinx delivers a fun, exciting and energetic performance that will have the crowd singing along and begging for more.

Azz - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Hailing from North Island NZ, Aaron is now based Nthn side of the Gold Coast. A guitarist for over 30 years, Aaron is a player who with a lot of feel and a little bit of soul. 

He’s rock guitarist that loves shred & get down n dirty when need be. 

He is also right at home playing the blues with a heavier influence. Gary moore, Joe Bonamassa style. Learning his craft from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Joe Satriani & Steve Vai. 

Aaron brings a smile to everyones face with his onstage persona, brilliant guitar licks and amazing vocal harmonies.

Aaron - Bass, Backing Vocals

Hailing from Far North Queensland Aaron has been on the Brisbane music scene now for 16 years playing in bands ranging from The Dave Ritter Band and more recently The Alter Ego’s also doing a stint with The Chisel Revived Tribute show. 

A 25 year veteran Aaron has plenty of experience and plenty of stories to share around. 

Consistent and solid are words frequently used when people describe Aaron. ....and from a Bass Player what more do you need.

Tim - Drums

Drummer Tim Kirkwood has been playing drums and percussion for 22 years. 

He has studied at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, winning numerous awards including the Student of the year Trophy. 

Tim has toured and shared the stage with a number of national and international artists and bands including Vince Jones, Graham Jesse, Mike Davison (USA), Rick Holland (USA), Mike Tracey (USA), James Morrison, Don Radar and rock bands Birds of Tokyo, COG, The Butterfly Effect, Strung Out (USA) and Dead Letter Circus. 

Tim has played in many bands over the years in a large variety of styles including Metal, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Country and Latin. 

In 2006, Tim was invited to the USA to represent Australia at the International Association of Schools of Jazz annual conference, an honour given to 2 people nationwide each year. 

He is a passionate performer, writer and educator in the Music Industry.